Welcome to Kalpa Ventures. We are investors, we are intellectual property valuers!!

About Us
Kalpa Ventures has been investing in, mentoring and advising Silicon Valley startups from the seed stage all the way through a meaningful exit. We are a diverse group of high net worth private investors, all of whom have been CEO’s, founders or senior executives of successful entrepreneurial ventures.  We have the capital, time, experience, skills and passion to work with other entrepeneurs to build disruptive companies.
Investment Focus
Our focus is on all stages of companies in a wide range of industry sectors.  We limit our investments to our relationships with the entrepreneur and executive team. 

Green Efficiencies
We evaluate and invest in green devices and models.  We understand the challenges associated with developing these businesses and have the expertise to improve the chances of success. 

We consider both enterprise and consumer products in the SaaS, mobile, IT and internet spaces. In addition we are also interested in evaluating new capital efficient clean technologies.

Consumer Products
We are unique in that we invest in consumer product companies. From mobile media, social media, or emerging media we believe direct to consumer models with the right robust technology can lead a great return on investment.

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